Centrifuge Tubes


T330 Cliklok Microcentrifuge Tubes, 0.6mL & 1.5mL

Tubes made of highest purity polypropylene with molded graduations These 0.6mL and 1.5mL graduated rugged tubes are made of laboratory … Continue reading


T330-64 Microcentrifuge Tube Storage Box

Storage box made of high impact polystyrene This¬†microcentrifuge tube storage box with a polyurethane foam insert is ideal for holding … Continue reading


T330-72A Cliklok Microcentrifuge Tubes, 2mL

¬†Tubes made of polypropylene with molded graduations These 2mL microcentrifuge tubes offer a special locking clasp to produce a more … Continue reading


T335-TP Micrewlock Microcentrifuge Tubes

Tamper evident tubes made of polypropylene available as Sterile or Non-sterile,non-printed or printed with graduations and white marking area for … Continue reading


T408 Disposable Centrifuge Tubes, 15mL

Tubes made of polystyrene or polypropylene with graduations Suitable for general centrifugation, urinalysis procedures and serum separation. These conical tubes … Continue reading


T410 Centrifuge Tubes, 15mL – Urine Collection System

Tubes made of virgin polystyrene with molded graduations and snap caps The Simport Urine Collection System contains 100 disposable 15mL … Continue reading

T420 Centrifuge Tubes

T420 Disposable Centrifuge Tubes, 50mL

Tubes made of either polystyrene or polypropylene with molded graduations and screw caps These centrifuge tubes are also useful for … Continue reading