BioBox Bullet Blender

BioBox™ Bullet Blender® Homogenizers

Need extra protection while processing dangerous samples?  The BioBox™ Bullet Blender® is designed for you with an extra barrier of … Continue reading

BBX5MB Bullet Blender Blue 5

Bullet Blender® Blue 5 Homogenizers

The Bullet Blender® Blue 5 is for homogenizing samples in 5mL tubes and has a capacity of 12 tubes per … Continue reading

Bullet Blender® Blue 50 Homogenizers

Bullet Blender® Blue 50 Homogenizers

Extra powerful Bullet Blender® Blue 50 homogenizes better and faster.  Processes 50mL tubes – up to 8 soft samples or … Continue reading

BBX24B Bullet Blender Blue

Bullet Blender® Blue Homogenizers

The Bullet Blender® Blue improves upon the original Bullet Blender® with the addition of Air Cooling™ Technology.  Cool ambient air … Continue reading

BBX24 Bullet Blender

Bullet Blender® Homogenizers

The original Bullet Blender® can homogenize up to 24 samples in microcentrifuge tubes and is ideal for samples up to 300mg. … Continue reading

BBY24M Bullet Blender Storm

Bullet Blender® Storm Homogenizers

The Bullet Blender® Storm is the most powerful member of the Bullet Blender® family.  The Storm model is similar to … Continue reading

FBBX Field Bullet Blender

Field Bullet Blender® Portable Homogenizers

Homogenize samples on the go with a Field Bullet Blender®!  This unit processes 6 microcentrifuge tubes at a time and … Continue reading